Published twice a year, The Lighthouse contains news and information of interest to Presbyterian Women in Synod of the Northeast.

Distribution is through your PW in the Presbytery, or you can download from this website.

February 2021 LIGHTHOUSE
August 2020 LIGHTHOUSE
February 2020 LIGHTHOUSE
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February 2019 LIGHTHOUSE
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June 2016 Mini LIGHTHOUSE
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August 2014 LIGHTHOUSE
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February 2005 LIGHTHOUSE
September 2004 LIGHTHOUSE

the Presbyterian Women Quarterly Newsletter and PW NewsBytes

Click  this Link to Presbyterian Women Newsletter  (up to third quarter 2020) and PW NewsBytes

PW in the Presbytery of Albany<— new! Fall 2020

PW in the Presbytery of Northeast of NJ <— new! Sep. 2021

PW in the Presbytery of Cayuga-Syracuse

PW in the Presbytery of Elizabeth — “ECHOES”

PW in the Presbytery of Geneva  — “The Link”

PW of Hudson River Presbytery

PW in the Presbytery of Monmouth — “MESSENGER”

PW in Newton Presbytery — “NEWTON NOTES” <— new! Feb, 2021

PW in the Presbytery of Northern New England — “THE GRAPEVINE”

PW in the Presbytery of the Palisades — “THE PATTER”

PW in the Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley — “THE CALLER”

PW in the Presbytery of Utica 

PW in the Jersey Presbytery — “KINDRED SPIRIT”

PW in the Presbytery of Western New York — “PATTERNS”

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