Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) Support Grant

For the past several years, PWSNE has supported some of the Young Adult Volunteers  (YAV) through our mission giving. Read the article to learn more and to meet the YAVs we support.

Who Qualifies for the Presbyterian Women of the Northeast’s Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) Grant?

  1. This grant is open only to those who have been approved as Young Adult Volunteers (YAV), by PCUSA, living or working in the Synod of the Northeast.
  2. The states are in the Synod of the Northeast: New Jersey, New York, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts
  3. Deadline is October 15th, for the dispersal of monies within calendar year.

Click here for printable Grant Guidelines for Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) Support from PWSNE

Click here for a printable Young Adult Volunteer Program Grant Application from PWSNE

More information about the YAV program and a blog from each of these YAV’s can be found on the PCUSA web site:
We contact each year’s group of YAV’s from our Synod and provide them with an application if they wish to apply for a grant from our fund.