Sisters Stand and Walk Together

Good News !

SISTERS STAND and WALK TOGETHER (SSWT) is beginning enrollment for a new class. It can be up to a three-year program of Presbyterian Women in the Synod of the Northeast. It was originally designed to acclimate and motivate new immigrant women from congregations within the Synod to Presbyterian Women. They met three times a year. We hope to attract ALL women who are new to Presbyterian Women who want to start or enhance an existing PW group by learning skills to prepare for leadership roles. There is no financial cost to the participant.
The goals of the program are to build community and confidence, help women feel comfortable with public speaking and commit to the purpose of Presbyterian Women. SISTERS STAND and WALK TOGETHER seeks to prepare the women through leadership development training including forums and workshops where cultural and gender differences are explored and leadership shared. Several graduates have taken leadership roles in Presbyterian Women in the Synod of the Northeast and Churchwide.
The group will meet at Valley Stream Presbyterian Church (Long Island, walking distance from the Long Island Railroad train stop). Participants are encouraged to attend PW events in Albany, at Stony Point and Louisville. The training sessions could include (as needed):
• Exposure to the Presbyterian Women’s manual (purpose, principles, structure, and are circles are they still relevant), Horizons magazine and the PW Quarterly Leadership Newsletter.
• Conversations about cultural and gender barrier issues and women’s role in the church. Finding your WHY in Presbyterian Women.
• How to develop and lead a Bible study (including how to build community by conducting an ‘ice breaker’).
• How to plan and lead a worship service, creating one for the training sessions.
• How to plan an agenda and lead a meeting (by consensus), run a workshop.
• Communication skills including listening/conflict resolution and technology for flyers, newsletters, conference calls. Best practices for (personal invitations) attracting attendance at Gatherings, fundraising events and securing participation on a Design Team.
• Bringing it all together, taking it to the world.
• Homework may be given to participate and/or lead in a worship service, small group session or Sunday School class in our home church.

Chick for Flyer

For further information, contact:
-Lisa Gray, Moderator of PWSNE (2017-2020) 973-476-472
-Denise Kennedy, SSWT Planning Team Member 973-943-1536
-Jo-Ann Estella, SSWT Team Member 718-723-5901/718-809-8391

* Sisters Stand and Walk Together (SSWT) a program of Presbyterian Women in the Synod of the Northeast (PWSNE) established in 2004, was first designed to familiarize new immigrant women to the Presbyterian Church (USA) and to Presbyterian Women.  Women from many areas of the world have graduated from the program. Some of have become leaders in Presbyterian Women in the Synod of the Northeast and Presbyterian Women PCUSA as well as expanding their role in Presbyterian Church USA by attending and graduating from a theological seminary. As the program evolved PWSNE discovered that the SSWT program not only had a value for immigrant women, but had value for all Presbyterian Women at congregational and Presbytery levels. With this in mind, the approach and curriculum were revised and introduced October 2015 at PWSNE’s annual meeting.   A packet outlining the revised curriculum is now available for a given group at either the congregational or presbytery level. The packet contains an introduction to the revised SSWT program and suggested steps to follow in organizing for your specific group. There is an outline for each suggested topic.   Financial support from PWSNE for this program is available.

The suggested curriculum:

  • Getting Acquainted
  • How to Plan a Worship Service
  • Book of Order
  • PW Manual (for each participant)
  • How to Plan a Workshop
  • Separation of Church and State (optional)
  • Resource Ctrs(prayer/music/movement)
  • Education (Personality/Communications Skills: seek a professional facilitator)
  • Putting it all together
  • Taking it to the World…How? What else is missing? (the next step)

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