PWSNE Supports PCUSA Young Adult Volunteers

shutterstock_174999893For the past several years PWSNE has supported some of the Young Adult Volunteers thru our mission giving. We contact each year’s group of YAV’s from our Synod and provide them with an application if they wish to apply for a grant from our fund. In 2014-15 we were able to give monetary assistance to Emily Oshinskie , Elizabeth Zupp, Hannah Mills, Jennifer Hyde and Kyle Coombs.   This year (2015-16) we have provided assistance to Ambar Sabino (Lord’s Lighthouse Ministry-Hollywood, CA), Danielle Hauer (Disaster Assistance Center-Little Rock AK), Leif Frymire (Whitehouse Presbyterian & Peace Players Int’l-Belfast N. Ireland) and Emily Stevens (Habitat For Humanity, Ashville NC). The following are thank you notes we have received:

From Amber:   “Amen, thank you so much Presbyterian Women of the Synod of the NE for your contribution, support and prayers. I appreciate it so much from the bottom of my heart. Blessings to you all!”

From Danielle:Wonderful! Thank you so much”

From Leif: “I would like to express my gratitude for accepting my application to your grant. Your choosing to support my year of service here means a great deal to me. Please continue to keep me in your prayers as I still have 7 months to go! I’m left wondering where the last 4 went! If you have not, please follow my blog so that you may stay up to date on my year of service..”

From Emily:Thank you so much for this grant! My site and I greatly appreciate your generous donation.”

More information about the YAV program and a blog from each of these YAV’s can be found on the PCUSA web site:

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