The 2016-2017 Horizons Bible Study at Stony Point Center

The 2016-2017 Horizons Bible Study at Stony Point Center

                                        May 10-12, 2016

                Who Is Jesus? What a Difference a Lens Makes

                                           By Judy Yates Siker

The study this year is “a journey to expand our understanding of who Jesus was and is—a journey of our hearts and our minds, a journey that we will take together. We are invited to be good conversation partners along the way, sharing with one another how we see and experience the various lenses and how these different perspectives impact our understanding of who Jesus is.”

Each of the study’s nine lessons explores the question “Who is Jesus?” through a particular theological lens. Who is Jesus—

1—according to Mark? Jesus is God’s son.

2—according to Matthew? Jesus is the long-awaited Jewish messiah whose teachings open the kingdom of heaven to us here and now.

3—according to Luke? Rejected by his own—Jesus, prophet of God, turns the world upside down with his teachings.

4—according to John? Jesus and God are one.

5—according to Paul? Paul stresses the centrality of the cross of Christ in understanding true discipleship.

6—according to Hebrews? Believers are to hold fast to their faith in times of adversity, and remain firm in their commitment to Jesus who has run this race before them and now reigns in glory with God.

7—according to the noncanonical gospels? Early Christians held diverse views of who Jesus was.

8—according to the other Abrahamic faiths? Judaism, Christianity, and Islam understand Jesus in very different ways.

9—according to contemporary cultural interpretations? Each of us who reads the New Testament is an interpreter of the text; how we interpret depends in part on who we are.


The full program begins with dinner on TUESDAY and ends with lunch on THURSDAY. Registration and check-in will start on Tuesday at 4:00 PM. Cost covers meals and a shared double room in one of our lodges. If requested at registration, a limited number of private rooms may be available at an additional cost.

STONY POINT CENTER Conference Registration Form



Judy Yates Siker teaches New Testament at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. She is a teaching elder in the PC(USA) and can be found preaching, teaching, and leading spiritual retreats for churches throughout northern and southern California. She has published work geared both to the church and the academy. Her most recent publication is a curriculum titled Images of Israel, a work co-authored for North American Christian with the Shalom Hartman Institute of Jerusalem and the Institute for Jewish-Christian Understanding at Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA.

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