The 2017-2018 Horizons Bible Study at Stony Point Center

The 2017-2018 Horizons Bible Study at Stony Point Center
May 9-11, 2017
Cloud of Witnesses: The Community of Christ in Hebrews
By Melissa Bane Sevier

Hebrews is both long and complex. Those qualities make it an exciting and interesting book to study; they also make it impossible to cover fully in nine lessons. We will approach the letter thematically, not sequentially, using the overarching theme of “community.” Each lesson will focus on that theme from a different angle.

1. In Community With Jesus Christ. Jesus is both the head and the foundation of the church community.
2. In Community With the Living God. Explore the connection between the Christ and the living God, and how that connection supports the life of the community of faith.
3. In Community With the Living Word. How does Hebrews define “the word,” and how does our connection to it bring us together?
4. In Community With God’s Messengers. What does Hebrews have to teach about angels and how does that strengthen community?
5. In Community With the Tradition of the Past. What can we learn from bringing that ancient tradition of the readers forward into our time while also being relevant and modern?
6. In Community With the Reality of the Present. Suffering was a present condition of the original recipients of Hebrews. How do people of faith make their way through the difficulties they face?
7. In Community With the Hope of the Future. The theme of Sabbath rest is important in this epistle. How do we find that rest today?
8. In Community With the Household of Faith. How does Hebrews, along with the tradition, use the images of “house” and “household” to illuminate issues of community and faith?
9. In Community With All the Saints. How do we draw strength from all those saints, past and present, who have influenced us?

The full program begins with dinner on TUESDAY and ends with lunch on THURSDAY. Registration and check-in will start on Tuesday at 4:00 PM. Cost covers meals and a shared double room in one of our lodges. If requested at registration, a limited number of private rooms may be available at an additional cost.
Call 845-786-5674 x 107 with any questions.

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Melissa Bane Sevier is a teaching elder in the PCUSA who, after more than 23 years as a pastor, chose in 2015 to leave the pastorate and focus on her longtime ministry of writing and photography. She’s written for numerous publications and published a book on clergy sabbaticals for the Alban Institute; she also writes and takes pictures for businesses. Melissa is a frequent preacher and speaker in a variety of settings. In addition to her work Melissa makes time to spend outdoors—camping, hiking, jogging, gardening. She lives in Versailles, Kentucky, with her husband Jerry.

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