2018 Churchwide Gathering of Presbyterian Women-Quest 2


PW’s Gathering Quest continues!

This second email lands in your inbox 28 months from opening plenary (give or take a few days)! Each month until the Gathering, you will receive an email like this one to help you prepare, promote and plan for the 2018 Gathering.

PW (Good) News!

“Surely it is not enough for us to merely understand the good news of the Gospel. We, too, must be willing to live into this good news and be messengers of the good news.” This excerpt is from Lesson Two of Who Is Jesus? What a Difference a Lens Makes, the 2016–2017 Horizons Bible study, by Judy Siker. Here’s good news for the people of good news: The regular print edition of the 2016–2017Horizons Bible study, Who Is Jesus?is now available (item HZN16100, $8.00) (Subscribers to Horizonsmagazine have already received a copy in the mail.)  Learn more about other versions and products.

Reflecting on Light

Light is the theme of this email series. As we prepare for the Gathering, we’ll explore the many meanings of light in scripture and in our lives.

This first exploration is from Annabelle Wells, moderator of PW of Central Nebraska Presbytery. Here she reflects on light as guided by the first line of Psalm 27, “The Lord is my light and my salvation; of whom shall I be afraid?”

“God’s light reveals and encourages all good things in my life and in the lives of those around me. God’s light illumines my mind as I read the Bible, observe God’s creation and meet family and friends. God’s light leads me through difficulties, sorrows, grief and betrayals, and also joys and celebrations.

How can I increase my awareness of God as light? Read more

Thank you, Annabelle , for sharing this reflection! Dear readers, If you would like to share a short reflection on light for this series, please contact Carissa Herold.

Save a Dollar a Day!

Save a dollar a day for 30 months to put toward your Gathering expenses. Each email in the Gathering quest series will include a Churchwide Savings Calculator based on this calculation so you can see where you are or how much to save to “catch up”!

If you began saving after the last Gathering email, you should have $30 saved toward your Gathering expenses. Start saving now . . . and remind your loved ones that they can give you the gift of the Gathering!


Anniversary Challenge

Because 2018 is also the 30th anniversary of PW, each email will include a 30th Anniversary Challenge question about something in PW’s 30-year history.

In the first Gathering Quest email, we asked “Who was the first moderator of Presbyterian Women (elected in 1988)?” This is a shout-out to Cleda Locey, first moderator of PW and good sport, too! She not only read the first Gathering Quest email but shared, “Of course, I know the answers to the first challenge!” Thank you, Cleda, for the laugh!

As this is the second email and 1989 is the second year of PW, the 1989 Churchwide Challenge question is:

What major mission program was established by PW in 1989? 

Get an answer sheet that you can fill out and bring to the Gathering.

More Gathering Fun!

Get excited and help others get excited for the 2018 Churchwide Gathering with free promotional downloads. This month’s Gathering freebie is for crossword puzzle enthusiasts!  Download a PW puzzler

The Mission Pledge

The Mission Pledge is PW’s annual fund that makes possible every mission, program and resource of PW, including the Churchwide Gathering. Give now to support Presbyterian Women’s witness in the world.    GIVE TO THE MISSION PLEDGE

PW Share Challenge

Simply use the Forward button, located at the bottom of the page, to share this email with a friend or friends. One randomly chosen person who forwards the email will receive a small token of appreciation and perhaps a bit of celebrity on the next email. Cheryl Rhea is our first celebrity! Thanks for sharing, Cheryl!

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