Update: 2020 Triennial / Fall Leadership Gathering

Presbyterian Women 1165334_183352488352077_5994076_n

Presbyterian Women in the Synod of the Northeast

We have decided to hold a virtual October gathering for the 2020 TRIENNIAL/LEADERSHIP GATHERING in keeping with Synod recommendations.  We will provide all the additional details as soon as possible.

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Register with Lorraine Cuffie at lcuffie@verizon.net and deaconflock@yahoo.com. Use your actual name and not a nickname.  If you will be attending by phone, give your phone number.  Any questions regarding registration, please contact Lorraine Cuffie via email lcuffie@verizon.net or 908- 436-9579.


Lorraine Cuffie, Chair (lcuffie@verizon.net)

Virginia Champlin, Registrar (danvirginiac@aol.com)

Adebisi A.Shofu, Moderator (bisi.shofu@gmail.com)

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