Presbyterian Women Synod of Northeast 2018 annual report

Presbyterian Women Synod of Northeast 2018 annual report

Forgiven and freed by God in Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves:

To nurture our faith through prayer and bible study

  • PWSNE (thanks to Jane MacDonald) has offered a PW bible study workshop at Stony Point center every spring led by the author and created a workshop to present leadership helps at our Fall Gathering.
  • PW Bible Study workshop at the Fall Gathering (thanks to Donna Rahmann).
  • Prayer concerns, especially peacemaking from denominational (thanks to Lori Evans) e-blasts have been forwarded to our mailing list for their attention.
  • Rev Kathi Jones and Elder Bisi Shofu celebrated Communion & shared a message at worship at the Gathering.

To support the mission of the church worldwide

  • Three Synod church ministries, either in our area or supported by a church in the Synod received PW Thank Offering grants: Westminster PC – “Capacity building for Hope Mission School” in Liberia ($18,300), Asociacion La Inglesia de Dios in Argentina ($49,500) and South-end Neighbor Tutors “The Wizard’s Wardrobe” in Albany, NY ($10,000).
  • Worked with and had presentation at the PWSNE Gathering from a congregation applying for a Thank Offering Grant for their maternity ward in Ghana.
  • Six Women of the PWSNE now sit on the PW Churchwide coordinating team, two holding the top positions bringing with them not only skills and willingness to serve but Korean-American and African-American-diversity.
  • Participated in funding and encouraging participation (nationwide offerings in the 30 years of PW as it is known) over $64,000,000 through Thank and Birthday Offering Grants.
  • Sponsored Virginia Champlin Presbytery of Geneva Presbytery to attend PW Global Exchange to Indonesia in 2017 (with visits to congregations in 2018) and Aty Agustiati, a guest from Indonesia, to visit northern Presbyteries and continue on to attend the 2018 Church-wide Gathering as a “global partner”. Two missions will be added the PWC “opportunity giving” from Indonesia.
  • I sit on the Synod Mission & Ministries Commission to represent (and promote) PWSNE.

To work for Justice and Peace

  • Moon Kyung Rhee Kim (PWSNE Coordinating Team Korean Member at large) attended the PCUSA Korean Peace Trip Fall 2017 and spoke to us about it at the 2018 Synod luncheon at the Churchwide Gathering in Louisville.
  • Magdalena Lewis and Alpha Brown attended (and reported on at the Synod Luncheon at the Churchwide Gathering) the UN Commission of Women.
  • Communicated PW partnership with Knitting4Peace to congregations.
  • Brought Fair Trade items to Fall Gathering.
  • Showed the movie Trigger at the Fall Gathering and discussed gun violence.
  • Jenny Lee made “Peace Cranes” for our Synod Luncheon tables.

To build an inclusive, caring community of women that strengthens the PCUSA and witnesses to the promise of God’s kingdom.

  • As part of “Sisters in Spirit” a mentoring program (Newark PW) at Bloomfield College which the local PW participates in, Rev Teri Ofori also encouraged PWSNE to “adopt” and covenant with an “Intern”. Ina Geathers was supported to attend the bible study workshop and the Church wide Gathering.
  • Ten grants of $300 were awarded to attendees to the Triennial Church-wide Gathering and several smaller ones to attend PWSNE Gatherings. This in an effort to reach out to more women, especially with restricted means.
  • Worked on ways to engage young women; reached out to Princeton Seminary where I attended a meeting with (soon to be pastors) Presbyterian Students. I met with Lydia Tembo (our Seminarian Representative) and attended worship there.
  • Support and encourage non PW Presbyteries ie SNE by endorsing their Ghana Maternity ward project for Thank Offering Grant. Worked on getting voting representatives to the Gathering from Presbyteries with only contacts.
  • Share “Jersey Girl” information to women in NJ.
  • At the Churchwide Gathering met a women from the Ghanaian Congregation in Brooklyn who is looking to have a PW. She attended our PWSNE Gathering.

My focus in 2018 was getting as many as possible to attend the churchwide gathering, so that we would be inspired and rejuvenated. We brought back that light to the PWSNE Fall gathering.

Lisa Gray, Moderator PWSNE (2017-2020)



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