Pledge to PWSNE

Have you made your pledge to PWSNE? 

By December 1st of each year PW congregation Treasurers should submit their Mission Pledge Form to their PW Presbytery Moderator or Treasurer.  This form lists your pledge for the coming year to PW Churchwide, PW in the Synod, and PW in the Presbytery.   Quarterly payments throughout the year go to the PW Presbytery Treasurer, who in turn forwards the monies to Churchwide and to the Synod Treasurer.

If your area no longer has a PW Presbytery then individual churches may send their pledge monies directly to Churchwide and Synod.   It should be noted that Churchwide does not provide any funds to the Synod.  The operating costs for the Synod comes from pledges received from PW Presbyteries and individual PW church groups within the Synod.

How is the money used?  It is used to cover some costs for our annual Fall Gathering.  It covers the cost of Synod CT members and PW Presbytery Moderators to attend meetings.  It also covers office expenses:  copies, postage, bank fees, other supplies (such as envelopes), etc.  Additionally, it covers the cost of our web site and any professional fees, such as for auditing.  Monies from our operating account may also be used for special mission gifts and some monies are moved to various designated funds, as needed.

In order, for PWSNE to continue with their programs we need the support of the PWgroups in our Synod.  We hope you will remember us in the coming year.

Download a remittance form

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