PWSNE Summer 2018 – Moderator’s Message

As I was sitting in the lobby of the Galt House in Louisville (KY) after the closing worship of The Church-wide Gathering of Presbyterian Women, I realized it is the only hotel there on the Ohio River. Some of us who had late flights took a ride on the paddleboat “Belle” to unwind and see the sights. I now realize this actually was the start of our “sending out”.  One of the keynote speakers Rev. Katherine Blankenship said: “An awakening without action is just theoretical.” She went on: “An awakening needs action to interpret it for our lives.” After I heard this young pastor speak I switched and attended her workshop “21st Century Mission” which I’m hoping to discuss with ALL OF YOU when you attend the Fall Gathering of PWSNE Bringing Back the Light.

I did also attend a workshop (among others) on Gun Violence led by the man who made the video Trigger which I now have a copy of. I thought we’d show it after the Friday night program at our Gathering, with some snacks and beverages. I don’t mean to make light of such a serious issue but how better to plan how we can respond in our own areas but through fellowship?

Can we brainstorm together how to be Presbyterian Women without a formal structure (ways to have women serve for one year terms or just one project for starters) and how to be Presbyterian women if no one wants to “join” or “lead” a CRICLE? (ways to focus around social justice issues with perhaps one event a year?) We need Presbytery Contacts/Communicators to disseminate the PWSNE information for those who are disbanding or dwindling. PWP’s need keepers of MAILING LISTS of contacts at local churches to help pass on our newsletters and action alerts at a very MINIMUM. If you are a moderator do you forward my emails to your churches who in turn forward it to someone in the congregation who might be interested?

This Fall Gathering is no longer called “leadership training, nor development”.  It’s Community collaboration, worshiping together, energizing and information gathering. SO THIS MEANS ANY WOMAN WHO WANTS TO GET YOUR LOCAL CHURCH OR PRESBYTERY INVOLVED WITH the purposes of Presbyterian Women, IT’S FOR YOU!

I’m always astounded at the Chruchwide Gatherings of how generous PW is! As of the Friday evening plenary the offering totaled $32,952! Those dollars are going to the  Celebration Giving (2018 Mission pledge Fund) to support all PW does.  The gift cards that went to three ministries in the area raised $11,787 and the Cents-Ability (aka 2 cents a meal) gathered $482 to the Presbyterian Hunger Program.

Presbytery Moderators or their delegate MUST ATTEND THE ANNUAL BUSINESS meeting.

Coordinating Team members also must attend to present their assigned duties and help plan for 2019! Must is a strong word but please consider attending.

Arise, shine, your light has come!

Lisa Gray, Moderator PWSNE

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