History of the Watercolor Cross Banner

Presbyterian Women in the Synod of the Northeast watercolor-cross-banner-2watercolor-cross-banner-1

The idea of making a watercolor quilted Cross Banner for PW in the Synod (PWS) had its origin in three different PW events.

One event was that Penny Webster and Jane Mosher, members of PW in the Presbytery of Southern New England, attended a PWP retreat led by the Rev. Martha Highsmith, member of PSNE and experienced watercolor quilter. She guided the group through a small watercolor quilt project and Penny and Jane continued to try other projects on their own. They shopped together and shared the 2” squares of fabric they enjoyed cutting.

Another event was the November 2002 PSW CT visioning process that established a new vision statement for PWS: “Springs of living water bringing new life to women.” At that time Jane MacDonald was moderator (and Penny and Jane were on the PW Synod Coordinating Team with Penny as Lighthouse Editor and Jane as Finance Committee Chair).  The new vision statement was a delight and an inspiration to all.

In early 2003 Penny and Jane proposed that making a watercolor hanging for PWS could be done with help from everyone at the November 2003 PWS meeting at Stoney Point. Penny and Jane would prepare the design and bring a piece of batting along with lots of different 2” squares of fabric. These would be placed on a table where all those at the gathering could stop by and help arrange the squares into the pattern. Penny and Jane would take the result home, sew the squares together and complete the quilting.  That’s what happened.  The squares were arranged and fused to a background in time for the final worship (photo above). Afterwards Penny and Jane took it home and sewed the seams. Penny quilted it and by spring of 2004 it was completed (photo at right) and was ready to be turned over to PWS.

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